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Lyon & Healy Style 15 (c. 1949)

 Style 15 lovers take note, this is a golden opportunity! This lovely semi grand has a warm, even sound. The harp was re-riveted, refinished, re-gilded and restrung in 2015 and scheduled for a regulation this month.

Lyon & Healy Style 22 (c. 1940)

This rare Style 22 is a semi-grand, portable harp with a warm, even sound. The harp received a new neck, re-rivet, and new soundboard in 1992 at the L&H factory. Fully restrung and regulated in May 2014.

 Lyon & Healy Style 19 (c. 1925)

This beautiful harp has a clear, rich, sound and original soundboard which is still in good condition. The instrument has had a new neck, re-rivet, expert re-gilding, and a base frame repair. Restrung and regulate in November 2014.

Salvi Minerva (built in 2003)

Originally owned by well known harpist Roslyn Rensch, this nearly untouched harp has the signature dark, robust Salvi sound you would expect from such a finely crafted instrument. The instrument has hardly been played and it is in excellent condition!

Lyon & Healy Style 23 (c. 1938)

This bronze Style 23 received a new neck, soundboard and re-rivet in 1992 at the L&H factory. The soundboard and base frame were replaced in 2003 by Pat Dougal. It has a clear, even tone. Fully restrung and regulated in 2013.

Lyon & Healy Style 14 (c. 1941)

This harp is easy to move at only 59 pounds, beautifully design and has more than enough sound to fill a room. It was refinished, re-riveted, restrung and re-gilded in 2015 and is scheduled for a regulation in June 2015.

Swanson Empire (built in 1999)

Inspired by the French Empire style of the 1800s, this instrument has a lovely sound with a velvety bass. The harp was refinished, regilded and restrung in 2015 and is scheduled for a regulation in June 2015. 

Lyon & Healy Style 23 (1978)

This beautiful harp has recently been refinished, re-riveted, and re-gilded. A restring and regulation was performed in November 2014. This instrument has a deep, rich voice that projects well.

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