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The Mid-Atlanticís Largest Harp Showroom


  From the heart of Brittany, France, a region strongly rooted in Celtic tradition, Camac continues to produce some of the finest lever instruments in the world. President Jakez Francois, himself a prominent Celtic performer as well as a renowned harp maker, contributed his expertise to the development of the lever harp models introduced on the following page. The new Camac levers, featuring smooth action and minimal string displacement, are recognized as the best in the harp world today. 

  Dusty Strings, a well-respected source for high-quality lever harps, is committed to an elevated standard of craftsmanship, producing instruments that represent good value to their customers. Founded as a hammered dulcimer manufacturer in 1979, Dusty Strings entered the 21 st century with a reputation for innovative, thoughtful harp making that stems from a collaborative approach to instrument design. Through their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Dusty Strings has earned the respect of harpists worldwide.

  Long respected for their well-established pedal harps, Lyon & Healy continued their commitment to excellence in the 1960s with the addition of the Troubadour. This was the first harp in what has become an exceptional line of lever instruments, all fitted with performance levers and built with the company's signature sitka spruce soundboard. With three models featuring concert tension and spacing, Lyon & Healy offers the greatest number of practical, affordable options for the aspiring pedal harpist.

  From the Celtic charm of the Donegal to the elegant pedal harp-inspired lines of the Ana, Salvi's lever harp line reflects the company's commitment to beauty in design, structural integrity, and above all, the warmly resonant signature Salvi sound. Choosing from a selection of harps with 34 to 38 strings, both concert and light tension and in a variety of fmishes, the discerning harpist is sure to find her ideal instrument among Salvi's lever harps.

  At Thormahlen Harps, quality and workmanship are paramount. From their home workshop in Oregon, Thormahlen crafts harps with 36 concert-spaced strings and a warm, well-defmed bass and a brilliant, clear treble. Their artisans draw from years of experience to create well-designed harps in an exquisite array of colors and woods. The responsiveness of Thormahlen's harps makes them the ideal choice for the beginning student and seasoned professional alike.

  Triplett Harps is known for designing and building high-quality instruments with a focus on structural integrity. Since 1980, Triplett has been crafting innovative designs with special attention to tonal excellence, graceful lines and fme workmanship. Beginning and advanced harpists appreciate Triplett Harps' characteristically rich, even tone in a wide range of available sizes.

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