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The Mid-Atlanticís Largest Harp Showroom


The Virginia Harp Center is proud to offer a unique lever harp rental policy.   There is no obligation to purchase making it a practical and inexpensive way to try harp for the first time or finance the harp of your dreams.  We offer a wide variety of both new and used rental harps, with the perfect choice for every harpist on every budget.

After an initial four month rental period, you may continue to rent on a month to month basis.  This monthly payment will be directly applied to the purchase of the harp, and no rental service fees apply if the harp is purchased within the first eight months of rental. The credit application and rental contract can be completed during your appointment at one of our showrooms.

Our generous trade up policy allows you to receive 90% of the cash price of your lever harp towards the purchase of a new pedal harp within five years of the initial date of the contract.  Trade in price is dependent upon an appraisal. Tax and service fees are not applicable towards the trade in price of the instrument.

Below is a breakdown of the initial rental pricing. To view our rental brochure, click here.

$260 for initial 4 months
     Camac Bardic
     Dusty Strings Allegro
     Dusty Strings Ravenna 26
     Salvi Juno
$300 for initial 4 months
     Dusty Strings Boulevard 
     Dusty Strings Ravenna 34
     Lyon & Healy Ogden
   $400 for initial 4 months 
     Camac Hermine
     Camac Korrigan
     Camac Isolde
     Dusty Strings Crescendo 34 
     Lyon & Healy Troubadour 
$600 for initial 4 months
     Camac Aziliz
     Dusty Strings FH36S
     Lyon & Healy Prelude 40

* Note:  All Harps are subject to availability.  Please inquire for more information.

VA Showroom: 1-804-378-3761 or vaharpcenter@msn.com
NJ Showroom: 1-856-428-1430 or va.harpcenter@verizon.net


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