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The Mid-Atlanticís Largest Harp Showroom


    In tune with the harpist's desires...
With the artistic demands of the harpist as their number one priority, Jakez Francois and Camac Harps continue the standard of excellence set by founder Joel Garnier. Camac prides itself in combining modern technology and traditional ideals to create harps that are truly on the leading edge of manufacturing from the innovative soundboard design, to the weight-saving engineering, to the "do-it-yourself" pedal regulation device. Camac continues to sweep the world market with its brilliant, responsive harps.
    Where quality is a way of life...
Internationally acclaimed harp maker Lyon & Healy has been producing some of the world's finest harps since 1889. This legendary Chicago-based harpmaker is a champion of innovation while drawing upon its rich heritage to produce a sound of unparalleled depth and clarity. Old-world craftsmanship ensures that care, precision and pride go into the building of every harp. Each Lyon & Healy harp is instilled with a legacy of 140 years of expertise.
    Excellence in sound, revolutionary in design...
Passionate commitment to the improvement of the harp serves as the foundation for Salvi Harps. Devoted to the integration of craftsmanship and technological advancement, artisans and engineers work tirelessly to produce beautifully crafted, rich and melodic harps. Though a forerunner of innovative design, Salvi never loses sight of the skill required to produce these amazing harps. Salvi Harps is forever striving to evolve the art of harp making the world over.


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