Attention – Special Hours:

The New Jersey showroom will be closed on Wednesday February 28th – Saturday March 3rd.

The Virginia showroom will be closed on Thursday March 1st – Saturday March 3rd.

If you’re in the Williamsburg area on those dates, please visit our BITM exhibit hall. Normal business hours will resume on Monday, March 5th.

Lever Harps


Camac Aziliz
Camac Aziliz Special
Camac DHC 32
Camac DHC 36
Camac Excalibur
Camac Hermine
Camac Isolde Celtic
Camac Isolde Classic
Camac Janet
Camac Korrigan
Camac Llanera
Camac Llanera Electro 37
Camac Mademoiselle
Camac Mélusine
Camac Concert Mélusine
Camac Telenn
Camac Ulysses
Soundboard Decorations

Dusty Strings

Dusty Strings Ravenna 26
Dusty Strings Ravenna 34
Dusty Strings Allegro 26
Dusty Strings Crescendo 34
Dusty Strings Boulevard Classic
Dusty Strings FH26 Series
Dusty Strings FH34 Series
Dusty Strings FH36H Series
Dusty Strings FH36S Series

Lyon & Healy

Lyon & Healy Ogden
Lyon & Healy Troubadour VI
Lyon & Healy Prelude 40
Lyon & Healy Silhouette