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  • Lyon & Healy Transport Cover- Large

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The Lyon & Healy Transport Cover is one of the best ways for you to protect your instrument from unwanted dents, dings, and scratches! The soft sided padded cover is made from heavy-duty, water resistant blue canvas that covers the entirety of your instrument except the base frame, which require a separate base cover. Two panels, at the column and sound box, open to allow for direct contact with the harp when you move your instrument. Conveniently located straps help you maneuver the instrument when loading and unloading. 

Suitable size for the following Lyon & Healy pedal harp models: Chicago CGX, Style 85CG, Style 150, Style 100, Style 30, Style 23, Salzedo, Style 11

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Lyon & Healy Transport Cover- Large

  • Product Code: AC108
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  • $600.00