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New Jersey


New Jersey Showroom – Winter Storm Hours:

Due to the impending winter storm, the New Jersey showroom will be closing on Saturday, December 9th at noon. Normal business hours will resume on Tuesday, December 12th.

  • Wild Mountain Thyme

Composer/ Arranger: Janet Witman

Level: Late Beginner to Early Intermediate

Type: Lever or Pedal Harp

Song Index:


Brian Boru's March (Harp Duet)

Pulling Bracken

The Chanter


Marry Me Now

Planxty Irwin (Harp Duet)

Paudeen O'Rafferty (Harp Duet)

Blind Mary (Harp Duet)

Danny Boy (Solo or Harp and Voice)

Wild Mountain Thyme (Harp and Voice)

Loch Lomond

Auld Lang Syne

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Wild Mountain Thyme

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  • $18.50