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New Jersey


Attention – Special Hours:

The New Jersey showroom will be closed on Wednesday February 28th – Saturday March 3rd.

The Virginia showroom will be closed on Thursday March 1st – Saturday March 3rd.

If you’re in the Williamsburg area on those dates, please visit our BITM exhibit hall. Normal business hours will resume on Monday, March 5th.

  • Celtic Music for Folk Harp

Arrangers: Laurie Riley and Leslie McMichael

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Type: Lever Harp


Tunes for the Moderate Skill Level

    I lost My Love

    The Orange Rogue

    The Shearin's No for You

    Fairy Dance

    Little Bag of Praties

    Màiri's Wedding

    Kelvin Grove

    Uir-chill A'Chreagáin

    The Cat's Jig

Tunes at Intermediate Level:

    Jock O'Hazeldean

    The Water Is Wide

    The Ash Grove

    Maggie Pickens

    Blind Mary

    Tarmon's Polka

Tunes at Advanced Level

    Roslyn Castle

    The Butterfly

    Barrett's Hornpipe

    The Galway Piper

    Hieland Laddie

    My Love She's But a Lassie Yet

Tunes by Turlough O'Carolan

    Morgan Meaghan

    Charles O'Conor

    Carolan's Draught

    Kathleen Astor

Tunes for Wire Strung Harp

    Castle Kelly

    Parson's Farewell

    Return from Fingal

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Celtic Music for Folk Harp

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