Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers by providing:

  • A memorable experience through consistently unmatched customer service;
  • A diverse inventory of the highest quality instruments to fit every harpist’s need;
  • The accessories necessary for a harpist to maintain and enjoy his or her instrument;
  • A friendly staff of industry experts.

Our Vision

To become the industry leader in customer service while continuing profitable growth through our collective dedication to our mission and core values.

Our Values

At the Virginia Harp Center, our values are our Compass for Action.

  • Integrity- Treat others as you wish to be treated.
  • Relationships- Creating positive ambassadors for our company.
  • Dedication- Excellence through customer service.
  • Accessibility- Making the dream of playing the harp into a reality.
  • Collaboration- Collective expertise that values unique strengths.
  • Leadership- Changing the industry, one customer at a time.