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The exquisite Art Nouveau was created by Camac’s master craftsman Jean Bernard Jouteau as an homage to the “Belle Époque”. Characterized by long flowing lines and depictions of nature, he captured the essence of artistic sensibilities in the late 19th century. This harp’s enchanting beauty is matched by its brilliant sound.

Price: $34,900 (natural cherrywood) $45,900 (24 carat gold gilded)
Strings: 47 Strings (00G to 6F, concert tension nylon, gut, and steel bass wires)
Weight: 88 lbs
Dimensions: 75″ H x 36.5″ ExW
Standard Finishes: natural cherrywood, 24 carat gold gilded
Included Accessories: Dust cover, tuning key, regulation kit, one year warranty regulation
Optional Accessories: 3 piece transport set ($750)
Warranty: 10 years