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Since its introduction in 1985, the Camac Blue series of electroacoustic pedal harps has gained worldwide acclaim due to the clear, responsive sound when amplified or played acoustically.  Originally conceived for the jazz scene, the Blue series bridges a variety of diverse musical genres.  With unsurpassed Camac piezo pick-ups on each string, this electric pedal harp is the ultimate choice for the harpist looking for an instrument that effortlessly adapts to any style of playing. The semi-grand Mini Blue harp has 44 strings, a straight soundboard and is the most easily transportable pedal harp with acoustic and electric capabilities available.  The Camac Blue series is available in a variety of frames and sizes, all of which can be connected to special effects pedals.

Price: $14,900.00
Strings: 44 Strings (00G to 6F, concert tension nylon, gut, and steel bass wires)
Weight: 69 lbs.
Dimensions: 67″H
Standard Finishes: Blue, natural maple, mahogany, ebony, white, red, silver;
soundboard decoration and specialty finishes available
Included Accessories: Dust cover, tuning key, regulation kit, one year warranty regulation
Optional Accessories: 3 piece transport set ($750)
Warranty: 10 years