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The FH34 is Dusty Strings’ top-of-the-line 34 string professional folk harp model. Constructed with the highest quality wood and carefully matched soundboard, the FH34  exemplifies the ingenuity and finest wood-working skills for which they are revered. This Celtic harp is a great option for any harpist looking for an instrument with a full, resonant sound and extended range of nylon strings. It is fully levered with high-quality Loveland levers and comes with a protective carrying case.

Price: Sapele: $5,095.00
Maple: $5,295.00
Walnut: $5,395.00
Figured Cherry: $5,595.00
Bubinga: $5,595.00
Strings: 34 Strings (1A to 6C, nylon, wrapped nylon and steel bass wires)
Weight: 22-28 lbs. (varies by wood selection)
Dimensions: 53″ H x 13.5″ W x 27.25″ ExW
Standard Finishes: Solid wood: sapele, maple, walnut, figured cherry, bubinga
Included Accessories: Stand and 4″ legs, deluxe transport case, tuning key
Optional Accessories: Lever gut strings ($270)
Full set of Camac levers ($225)
The Dusty Harp Pickup installed ($395)
Warranty: 5 years