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Following the success of their ultra-light DHC model electric harp, Camac utilized state of the art techniques to create an electroacoustic carbon fiber harp specifically designed for traveling. The Camac Ulysses has a soundboard made from the finest spruce giving this portable harp an impressive warm, resonant tone. The body is made of carbon fiber which drastically reduces the weight of the instrument. The addition of an integrated Ischell amplification system will provide optimal projection in any venue while preserving the look and feel of a traditional Celtic harp.

Price: $6,300.00
Strings: 34 Strings (1A to 6C, Savarez fluorocarbon and Galli lever wires)
Weight: 17 lbs.
Dimensions: 50.5″ H x 15″ W x 26″ ExW
Standard Finishes: Ebony, blue, red, green, white; specialty finishes available
Included Accessories: Integrated Ischell pickup system and pre-amp, padded case,
dust cover, tuning key
Optional Accessories: Soundboard decoration ($350)
Warranty: 5 years